10.31.2021Sunday, October 31, 2021

Poshmark 101

   ...So you want to try selling on Poshmark? I just happen to be a Poshmark Ambassador that has grew my following to over 100k followers on the popular re-selling platform. I would love to give you some ideas, tips and suggestions if that is what you are searching for. Keep reading! 

   To get set up with an account; use my referral code workathomemom and sign up here. Your closet is basically your account profile and online shop you sell re-sell from. Some people re-sell items they currently have in their closet they want to get rid of or no longer use. Therefore; you can begin making money from the comfort of your own home without spending money. 

   You may want to start by cleaning your closet; perhaps even your family members have items they no longer wear or are willing to give to you to sell. A lot of part and full-time Poshmark re-sellers actually source for items at garage sales, thrift shops and so on. I see nothing wrong with this as they are purchasing it, recycling the items and someone technically could re-sell it after using it too. I think it is putting more money into the economy while keeping more items out of landfills perhaps! 

   When listing your items; you want to take as many photographs as you can. Use good lighting such as a ring light or natural lighting if you have limited funds. I have seen some listings just with a plain white wall or outside on a mannequin. You can use a smart phone or desktop for the selling platform. 

   Be honest in your listings; just because it is used does not mean it will not sale fast. I make sure to post any photos of flaws an item may have and include it in the description. Categorize items accordingly and perhaps look up other items being sold that are similar if you are unsure of pricing. 

   The Poshmark app allows you to bundle items; which means combining several items a buyer may want. You can also make offers to people who favorite certain items. I do not send private offers as much as I should; but I am sure it helps boosts sales. I notice I get more sales by simply sharing other listings from other sellers. Sharing is caring! 

   When I share another listing; in return people often share my listings...so a double win. They may have a lot more followers than I do; therefore my listings are being shown to their audience. There are people who sale full-time on this app; but it is not as easy as it may seem. 

   Once you make a sale; you want to ship it out as soon as possible. You can get free mailing boxes from your local post office or by ordering them in advance online. Do not get the express boxes but instead; grab a few sizes of the priority mailers. Poshmark charges the buyer shipping and sends you a pre-paid shipping label to print and post on your package. I like to use tissue paper that will not bleed on the item to wrap it up and look more professional. I add a thank you card for my buyers and ship within 2-3 business days. 

   Many full-time Poshmark re-sellers sale boutique items or have thousands of items in their closets which require a lot of time, consistency and effort. In return they usually have daily sales. I enjoyed using Poshmark for earning an extra few hundred bucks per month; it sure helped a lot! Especially at a time I did not have a vehicle; I could earn enough for uber rides or doordash at least simply cleaning out my closet. 

   Poshmark has a yearly PoshFest where you can interact and learn from other top sellers. It is optional but something to look forward to if you end up enjoying using the platform to sell items. When I first started on Poshmark; you could not sell items you can now such as home decor or books.  Be sure to check updated policies and rules of the site as they may change since I write this blog post. 

   Do not think you have to have a lot of items listed or followers to get a sale. I made sales with only one item listed and brand new to the app. Overtime my following just grew organically. Tips to grow your following is of course providing prompt shipping, following others and sharing other closets' listings. 

    I really did not see an increase in my sales or followers when I became a Poshmark Ambassador. Other sellers I have talked to said the same thing. I think it is more like a badge to show you have been selling on the platform, completing orders and are seeming legit.

   From my experience using this app for over four years; I like it more than other apps where I do the listing myself. I can charge what I want and I make more doing Poshmark than selling to local stores that consign for me. Those are still great options if you are looking to get rid of items faster. Poshmark does take work but it is a wonderful work at home opportunity for me since I was not into home parties, buying pricey kits or telemarketing gigs. 

   Being a mom means it is hardly ever quiet in my house...so those customer service gigs from home were not an option. I am not really the one to want to sit in front of a computer for long amounts of time so I use my phone for 99% of my work with Poshmark. I just have to list my item, ship it once it sells and get paid. You can get paid via direct deposit or check with Poshmark currently.

   Everyone has a different experience using this as an outlet to earn additional income. That brings me to another perk of using Poshmark. I can take a break or put my closet on 'vacation mode' if I need to take a hiatus. I am not obligated to sell when I do not want to or have the time. If you have a printer at home; you can print the labels from home...and even arrange a mail carrier to pick the items up from your home directly. 

   Later on you can invest in things such as a post office box, mannequins in various sizes, bubble mailers, paper shredder, camera and ring light but I honestly never used those items for years. I did my small Poshmark business very minimal when I began and still had consistent sales. Besides; camera phones these days can still take awesome photos. I do not recommend using filters as customers may feel it is being dishonest in how it appears in real life. 

   The key is consistency and patience I feel when using this as a way to make money. Sure; some weeks are slower but if you save your money then it is nice to have extra cash. This money could help pay for dance lessons perhaps if you are parent or help with gas money. If you want to sell for part-time income; consider listing ten items per day. The more you have listed; the better your odds are for more sales. 

   Now I hate clutter so keep my closet quite smaller than before. I used to have large piles of items I needed to get listed; then get overwhelmed. I would get unorganized from time to time...don't be like me. Now I keep a certain extra closet in my home office just for Poshmark items. I can find orders so easy now when it is sold. I print the label then ship it; customers can give reviews so be timely and professional. 

     Stay tuned for more Poshmark updates from me! Happy Poshmark selling!

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10.28.2021Thursday, October 28, 2021

Netflix's MAID: Review


 I finally binged watched Netflix's MAID and it is highly emotional I would say. I absolutely loved the acting and actors selected. The main character; Alex, reminds me of Miley Cyrus. This series has ten episodes but I hope there is another season. 

    Once I started watching; I could not stop. I spent all day glued to the screen. I did get some laughs but I was just shocked at how real and honest it was. This reminded me of my own childhood trauma and abuse, a mentally ill parent and the abuse you will never get people to believe you about many times. 

    Being a single parent is so hard so I highly recommend it. I think employers, parents and those without children should check this out. It really opened my eyes to a lot of peoples situations; it helps you understand those struggling a tad more. 

10.22.2021Friday, October 22, 2021

Things to do with children in Oklahoma City

Searching for things to do with children in Oklahoma City? Check out this list of ideas my family has grown to enjoy. I consider myself pretty familiar with Oklahoma City and I absolutely love the area. It has grown so much since I was a child. There is always plenty of events and amazing new restaurants to visit. 

Since I am a mom of a energetic little one; I find myself constantly on the hunt for family friendly or child-friendly activities. Here are some of my top picks: 

There is always the Oklahoma City Zoo, the Science Museum, the Oklahoma Firefighters Museum, or the Cowboy and Western Heritage museum which is all in the same area. 

Will Rogers Gardens has space to rent for parties, great scenery for photography and of course beautiful gardens. This is a lovely spot for a picnic while you look at the geese. There is a playground close by as well. 

Riversport has so much to offer! I am so getting a membership. If your family love kayaking, surfing, indoor skiing…this is the place for you all! They even do birthday parties. I could spend all day here; it is so fun! 

The First Americans Museum opened in September of 2021. We visited a few weeks later; the museum was very educational and is a perfect field trip or homeschool outing. We found a cute stuffed animal to purchase in the gift shop. 

Wheeler District is not far from downtown Oklahoma City. They have so many cool events often where vendors, food trucks and live music go on.  I had a great time each time my son and I visited. There is a Ferris wheel where you can get day or one time passes to ride. Hammocks are left out and you can play games on the lawn. 

North Park Mall has some cute children’s clothing boutiques and furniture stores when I visited last. I also love walking here in the morning for a boost of energy when it is too cold to during winter months. When we are in the area; we check out the art galleries, food spots and unique boutiques inside. 

Louie’s on the Lake is a great spot a meal; plus it’s pet-friendly. We visit a few of the locations quite often and the prices are not too expensive. This is also a great spot to walk after eating or check out the light house close by. 

The Metropolitian library system has multiple locations to check out. This library system offers events often such as classes, groups for teens, parties and story times for children. 

It is free to walk outside the gardens area of the Myriad Botanical Gardens. Currently their crystal bridge is under construction but when it re-opens; there is an admission fee. It can be very pretty in the warmer months. The Myriad Botanical Gardens often hosts events such as free yoga, story times for children and festivals. Close by are restaurants, Bricktown, a carousel, splash pads and parks. A lot of the fun stuff are usually open seasonal. 

Chicken n Pickle is a restaurant with pickle ball courts and is also pet-friendly. My son and I played corn hole, jumped rope and hula-hooped. There is a menu, indoor dining area, rooftop bar and outdoor area with games. I thought the pricing was very affordable. 

Checking out the Martin Nature Park is always so fun for my son. You will often times see deer. The park allows you to bring certain items such as cat food to feed the fish and turtles. A lot of people use this park for hiking, field trips and photography. There is no fee to enter but sometimes the park has events such as birdwatching or story times that sometimes has costs. This park does not allow pets as there is wildlife more present here. I am almost sure I seen a sign about service animals being allowed however. 

The last times I visited Edmond Historical Society; admission was free. You were welcome to leave a donation in which we did. My son loved playing with the pretend area for children. There was a pretend kitchen, school and more. We went on a play date and it seemed perfect for toddlers.

I hope this list is helpful! My family and I have sure created great memories at them all. We visit these places for quality time together and they make for great photo opportunities. I recommend keeping a wagon in your car just in case; some adventures require plenty of walking.

Happy adventures!

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10.18.2021Monday, October 18, 2021

Mixing up our homeschooling routine

    To make homeschooling a tad more exciting I incorporate classes and sports such as gymnastics and music class. I join as many mom groups as I can as they generally have wonderful ideas and we get together for play dates. Play dates are inexpensive and a great way for children to practice social skills and sharing. I keep up with all these ideas and gatherings with this free planner.

    I love taking my little one to a nature park or public park when the weather is nice for our version of recess. There are usually plenty of other children for him to play with and our local schools only allow about thirty-minutes of play time. I am usually there a lot longer than that; I think small children learn best by playing. 

    Getting work books from my local dollar store are great for things such as handwriting skills or working math problems. I have found cute diners or lunch spots to work on activities such as this while we wait on our order. It is a great time to plan our day or week as well as chat about anything we choose. After we usually take a walk or do some computer assignments once we get back home. 

   The library is a great resource as they usually have computers for children's ages with educational resources and games available. I take my son to a library quite often and let him pick out books I can read to him and he can practice reading to me. KidPass has virtual classes galore for children. 

   We switch it up a bit and go to various libraries; some I find I like better than others which is okay! As long as we are getting out the house; plus the library is free. Community centers often offer low cost recreational sports and activities as well. These days so many parents choose to home school so a lot of the museums and children's places in our area offer home school specific programs and events. 

   I do not just use one home school curriculum as there are some things I do not like about it. I mix it up and do it as my main priority but add other ideas from other homeschooling programs as well. My area also has large home school groups that put on events such as proms, school dances and parents night outs. If your area does not offer one; consider starting your very own and promoting it free on social media. 

   I love the idea of teaching my child myself; besides I was always pretty experienced working with children. It was always a goal of mine to home school and I absolutely love it. I am able to travel with my child throughout the school year but still make learning a priority and keep it fun. 

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   To teach my son responsibility I have him complete school before we do other activities so he knows important things come before play. I allow him to take breaks about every twenty to forty minutes. We start with breakfast, computer work his main curriculum requires, free time and usually a field trip a few times a week. 

    Keeping costs down is what I strive to do since we get out so much. Therefore I get as many yearly season passes to zoos, museums and aquariums as I can. I love a good museum; they can be so educational and often have children play areas. I find many free festivals online; especially around fall and holiday shopping months.


   I hope you are hanging in there with your home school routine. The first year was a lot of trial and error for us but we make it work. I am always up for a challenge and I love the quality time I get with my child. He still has plenty of time to play with friends once they return from school and I enjoy not dealing with long car pooling lines; or hearing about school bullies. Homeschooling is not for everyone; some parents must go to a certain job or love their jobs. 

   This is just my ideas on how I have made homeschooling a tad more enjoyable for my child and I. Whether or not you home school or not; maybe the ideas above can help you get out of your normal studying or tutoring routine. Happy learning!

Monday, October 18, 2021

Date Night Ideas

I love a good date night; Whether it is with friends or an actual date. I would get bored of the same old dinner and movie night out so I have compiled a list of other ideas you may want to try soon. 

There are actually Date Night subscription boxes for starters...you can also rent private swimming pools.

If you are a parent like myself; you may need to hire a baby-sitter. I like to read the reviews from others who have hired the sitters and speak to them on the phone before meeting in a public place.

Your city may offer horse-carriage rides or have amusement parks. I love even hiking at nature parks on a nice day. A drive-in movie can be fun if you make your trunk comfy or the bed of a truck. I have seen people even bringing inflatable beds. 

Live music or a comedy club followed by a lounge for cocktails is always fun to me. I even love a good dive bar after visiting a fine dining restaurant I have yet to try. 

A friend of mine invited me to a baseball game recently and I had a blast drinking beers and eating good food. With the right people; you can have fun almost anywhere. 

My city has boat rides, train rides and trolleys. You may want to do something like that and explore the town a bit. Sometimes taking a nice stroll downtown or through artsy areas can make for great conversation as well as discovering new places you never noticed before. 

I love a good road trip if a vacation is not in my budget at the time. Some of my favorite memories have been actually on lake trips. I love grilling, nice people, water and of course being on a boat in a bikini. It is also a great time to have a picnic.

I checked out a brewery recently; then an upscale hotel bar after. Many people love wineries for a wine tasting or those booze and painting classes. Even if you do not like theater or performing arts so much; it may be fun to try going to a live stage play, ballet or musical. 

Online I find plenty of festivals; many of which are free to attend or filled with vendors and food trucks. Casinos usually offer lower cost concerts if you love a good musical performance such as myself.

Mini golf, museums, bowling, garden tours and arcades may be something for you to try. Some cities have plenty of art museums I have loved. Aquariums as well! I actually enjoyed walking at a zoo without children tagging alone the past few Summers I tried it with my boyfriend. It was more for exercise but we did not have to worry about strollers and sippy cups so enjoyed ourselves better. 

My local zoos, museums, casinos and downtown area always has exciting events. Our public parks do as well so always stay in the loop with their upcoming news. I subscribe to all the e-mail lists I can since they are announced frequently there. 


Taking a dance or cooking class together may be a wonderful bonding experience. Maybe some DIY classes if you can talk him or her into it. I think the best date I have ever had was when I guy took me to Vegas or when another ex would make me dinner and build me a fire in his fire pit. We would have great convo while sipping wine. 


Other ideas could be a stay at Radisson, indoor skydiving, fishing, kayaking or a hot air balloon ride. A girl friend of mine invited me to go horseback riding and I thought that was a wonderful idea although we have yet to go. I really loved go-kart racing or laser tag back in the day; I cannot wait to take my son actually soon. 

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I hope you try some of these ideas and make more time to have fun in life and spend time with those who mean a lot to you. Sometimes in life we get so busy working or taking care of our children that we do not take much time to have fun and enjoy others company.

Happy Dating!

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10.02.2021Saturday, October 02, 2021

Porsha Williams & Cynthia Bailey announce they’re leaving RHOA

    I am a fan of the Bravo series Real Housewives of Atlanta. I have seen online this week that both Cynthia Bailey and Porsha Williams are leaving the reality show. 

    Rumors have been swirling around from entertainment vloggers I follow about the cast changing before both ladies did their social media announcements. I will miss both ladies being apart of the main cast. Or as we bravo fans say,”holding a peach.”