8.29.2021Sunday, August 29, 2021

3 Movies to check out this Summer

I watched these three movies this Summer and I highly recommend them if you enjoy suspense mixed with a bit(or a lot) of drama and thrill. Although these are not movies I suggest watching with children; they are great for date nights with your partner or movie nights with your girl friends. 

Grab some snacks and a beverage of your choice and check out these Summer movie picks: 

 Hostage House on Netflix

Sisters for Life on Lifetime

Deadly Misconduct on Lifetime Movie Network

8.24.2021Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Review: KKW Body Perfecting Foundation

Kim Kardashian's body foundation was on sale at my local beauty store so I had to try it. I have been wanting to for a few months now. I am glad I finally got the chance.
At work events, I would have to wear shorts or dresses as part of my uniform. I would feel a tad self-conscious showing my legs if there were a mosquito bite or scar. I live in the south and mosquitos are so bad during the warmer months!
This product would be good for some places I have worked at that require tattoos to be covered. I love tattoos by the way! I used to work at a place where it is was more of an entertainment family-friendly restaurant so we basically wore a strict costume.
It does rub off like any other body makeup I have tried so I sit on a towel in my car and am just super careful. I did not sit on white chairs or down at all really unless my outfit covered my legs or I didn’t rub it all the way up to my thighs.
To blend in this item; I used a mitten type towel just like you would get used on you after a spray tan to blend it in. I applied it this way too. Super quick and easy.
I think the product is fine for things I need it for. Just to make a scar look less visible and for special events. I would not wear it to the lake for example to melt or rub off on seats. Anybody makeup would do this I am sure. I have tried a few.
   This body foundation formula is buildable and seems to give off a satin-finish. Apparently, Kim has been using body makeup for years. As far as if I would re-purchase this item in the future? I totally would!
Although this item is around fifty USD I got it half off since apparently Kim is revamping her beauty line; making it on sale where I found it. You can find the products at Ulta stores. 

8.20.2021Friday, August 20, 2021

Online Boutiques + Shops you should know about

Shop trendy and affordable fashion online

 I love a unique boutiques with a large variety of styles. It is important for me to share boutiques that offer items for all body sizes; because all bodies are amazing! Besides; it makes shopping so much easier when there is so much to choose from. 

Check out these online boutiques and shops

Women's New Arrivals Start At Only $5.99. Shop Now

RoseGal.com is a wonderland of vintage styles, established by a group of vintage fashion lovers. RoseGal.com believes vintage style holds passion for fashion through time and will never go out of style. Keeping this in mind, RoseGal.com devotes itself to presenting classy & chic vintage trends to its customers with Worldwide Free Shipping and 30 Days Unconditional Return.

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8.14.2021Saturday, August 14, 2021

Colourpop Pretty Fresh Foundation - Review

This liquid foundation from Colourpop is very affordable. I purchased it earlier this week at Ulta since they make exchanges easy but luckily I chose the correct shade the first time. 

I applied to makeup using a cosmetic sponge and the foundation looked great and was easy to apply. I prefer using liquid foundation and this particular one happens to be cruelty-free according to the bunny label on the packaging. 

If you are searching for a hydrating, buildable and medium coverage foundation; try Pretty Fresh hyaluronic hydrating foundation. This foundation is vegan, dermatologist tested and oil free. 

I paid around sixteen USD for it so it was well worth the price. It does just as great as my pricier foundations it seems.  I wore it to run errands and go out for cocktails. It looked great the entire time.  I am glad I tried this foundation and will totally purchase again. 

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8.13.2021Friday, August 13, 2021

How to make money with unused space


You can rent unused space with this company, Neighbor. You even earn extra perks for referring others. This seemed neat because there were times I lived in smaller apartment buildings so had to pay for storage space. It was a large extra bill each month and not a nearby drive. 

Not only could this be a cheaper way to store your items…it would be helpful for entrepreneurs I know. Have you ever heard of Neighbor?

  This company allows people to save money and have a more convenient way to store items such as personal storage or inventory. 


   People are making extra money renting out their extra parking space, garage space, storage sheds…interesting; right? I thought so as well since I hear of fellow business owners who need extra space. Why not see if they can get it from someone in the area. If it’s cheaper than their local storage…it may work great! 

   When I checked out this company I have seen people rent or rent out space for boats, cars, business inventory, RVs, trailers, and personal self-storage. 

Want to learn more Neighbor


Friday, August 13, 2021

Flying with a baby?


I have traveled via plane with a baby and toddler numerous times alone so I wanted to share my advice for parents to make it hopefully easier.

Booking your flight

When booking flights with a child; I try to find flights with layovers that are short enough where we will not have to hang out at the airport too long but long enough to make the layover connecting flight if there is one. Sometimes I have had flights arrive late to the terminal so a short layover would have caused us to miss a flight. Some airports have a long walk to and from gates so be prepared. If your child will sit in a stroller; you may want to bring that so you do not get tied hauling children and a carry-on.
It had always been free to travel with my infant/toddler before their second birthday as long as they sat in my lap. You can also check in twenty-four hours before your flight and generally pay for your luggage then as well. I always make sure to keep a screen shot of my confirmation number and receipts. Your boarding pass and updated flight info can usually be accessed easily by downloading your airline’s app.
I have heard booking early morning flights can help with shorter lines (I do agree) and cheaper price tickets so keep that in mind. I also love arriving at my destination in the morning or after noon. When I do fly in the evenings; my little one still ends up sleeping too and there are perks for me such as not having to get up and out too early in the morning.
Luggage costs for United have been $25 for the first bag and it costs more for additional checked-in luggage. A tip to save time is to go ahead and label your luggage with your name,address,email and telephone number with a luggage tag. Usually at the luggage area; it can be busy and pens usually are nowhere to be found. You then have to wait on an attendant and that can be awhile if the lines are long. When we fly with United luggage can not be more than 50 lbs. so if you want to check your luggage’s weight before leaving the house; it can save you time and stress if you happen to have too much weight in your luggage. I usually have the person who drops me off at the airport wait in case I need help before security. It also helps if you have small children.
What to pack: Plenty of meds(advil,tylenol,allergy meds,etc.) you may need just in case,diapers,wipes,extra clothes,formula (if you are not breastfeeding) and snacks because being out-of-town to purchase items you may already own at home can be a hassle.


Check your flight status before heading to the airport and the night before if you have time because sometimes I have had flights cancel or delay last-minute. You can usually check easily on your airline’s app or logging into your airline’s website.


Arrive early enough to have time for security;especially during holiday season. If your child is having a tantrum during the long security wait; ask for an escort. Once my child was throwing a huge fit (terrible twos totally suck sometimes) and everyone was miserable hearing the screaming yet no one offered to let us move in front of them. I totally understand and we should wait our turn but one nice attendant was kind enough to ask us can she assist us and move us past the long line (It probably saved us thirty minutes at least) and right to security. Of course I would not utilize this in case of an emergency or major tantrum like this but it really helped me out so much. If you are unsure of whom to ask; look for the people assisting those in wheelchairs or with disabilities. They are usually helpful!
Make sure to check your items after going through security and leaving the plane and boarding areas. I have left baby food,a teddy bear…the list goes on. I have also heard announcements of people asking if someone left a baby bottle or phone at security and trust me;it sucks running back to security with a baby when you notice you forget something important. This is another reason I try to travel with as little stuff to keep up with as possible.
For my carry-on; I bring a diaper bag that is easy to find things inside.I pack extra diapers,an extra set of clothes, snacks,my cellphone,photo IDs,a debit or card(many ,extra cash,birth certificate for my child(just in case but never needed it),phone charger,a tablet for my little one and a light weight toy or two. I never have heard of a flight allowing more than 3.2 ounces of liquids in carry-ons so I leave things such as cosmetics in my actual check-in luggage. Plus it is never fun holding up the security line while they explain their rules on liquids.
I keep my ID handy since they need that right before security;it also saves times fumbling holding a baby and bag(s). This is usually the time to say good-bye to anyone who is waiting on you to board or who dropped you off at the airport.
During security I always ask to opt out of certain walk-through machines that have radiation I am sure is not so safe;especially for little ones. I have never had an airport attendant be rude or opposed to me asking and I have seen signs suggesting it at some airports.
Shoes worn by adults need to be taken off during security so I love getting easy slip-on shoes and flats that are comfortable. Plus it is hard tying up shoes and keeping an eye out on running toddlers for me. I have always been told shoes for little ones can be left on and have never had to remove my child’s shoes. Not sure how that works with school-age children.
During the security walk-through; you will need to place your shoes and electronics such as laptop outside of your carry-on and personal item you decide to bring. Some people bring a handbag as a personal item. I prefer to just bring my diaper bag as my carry-on instead of adding another item to carry around a busy airport. If you want to bring a car seat or stroller; it still goes through security so make sure nothing is in the stroller that could fall out for example. Once I left a water bottle in the stroller.
You will get a tag usually for items around boarding time to leave near the gate for it to be picked up after you get off your flight. Since I am always worried about missing my connecting flight; I opt for leaving strollers and car seats at home since our destination usually has them. We usually visit family and keep extra car seats and strollers since we travel so much. I did not notice it to be a hassle bringing these items; I just prefer not to.My child never wants to sit in a stroller anyhow.
Finding your gate is often easily found by looking for the screens throughout the airport. You can search for the city you are looking for. Once I find my gate; I double-check I am at the correct place because trust me;sometimes pregnancy or mom-brain can distract you and I have stood waiting at the wrong gate. Twice. Once I was so stressed out I realized last minute I had just missed my flight. Once I had realized I was standing at the gate for the wrong city;it was just a city I was so used to always going. Yeah. Long story.


Take advantage of early on-boarding usually offered to those with small children to beat the crowd entering the plane and be super careful getting on the ramp with your little ones from the gate to the plane. Once my phone fell from my pocket down to the ground;landing under the plane when I was entering the plane with my hands full holding a 27 pound toddler. I like to make sure my phone and other objects are secure and where I want them before taking off. I organize my bottles or entertainment for my child such as a book or tablet so when we take off I am not fumbling around in case of tantrums.
Flight attendants usually always have those flying with children sit in certain areas due to safety issues with life vests and such. If you need to use the restroom; usually a flight attendant can help with holding your little one if that makes it easier for you.
Since we usually have limited space I try to wear a coat that is not too big and puffy. I usually will just wear a long-sleeved blouse and a light coat. The planes have always been warmer when I travel but it is cold during layovers sometimes exiting planes so I like putting a light weight blanket in my carry-on to cover the little ones faces. Of course I bring a coat for them,hat,gloves…pending on weather.


Ear popping usually happens so I like to feed my child during take off or let them suck on something like a pacifier or bottle. Adults can try chewing gym.
You will be instructed to buckle up and the flight attendants will go over a brief safety demonstration. I use this time to also hide the brochures located behind the headrests since my little one usually loves to try to rip them or touch them and I am sure they are full of germs.

Mom Tips

When it is time for complimentary snacks some airlines provide;usually an empty cup or the noise of a cookie or peanut wrapper can entertain your little one. Just keep a good eye out on them. I learned that trick during one of my first flights with my then infant.
Airports are filled with so many people so I like to wipe my child and my hands off with baby wipes in between restrooms visits. We always do a restroom break during a layover since I do not like the tiny restrooms in the airplanes;even though some have changing tables in case of emergencies. I always carry an extra grocery sack or diaper sack to toss smelly diapers inside before disposing of them. This is super handy if your little one pooped. And of course extra clothes are very helpful in case of spills or leaking diapers. Trust me; the time you forget them or think it will not happen…it usually can. I have plenty of funny stories about those cases.
I try to skip bringing many liquids in bottles since it takes longer through security and airports always have restaurants usually open and complimentary drinks or snacks once the flight takes off. When my little one was an infant I would bring three or four bottles already made with at least water inside to save time if I get a cranky child.Once my child was older we took less liquids each time to get through security faster.
If you happen to miss a flight have extra clothes and snacks such as granola bars in your carry on. Sometimes the airport attendants are great and helpful and can get you on another flight instead of waiting so long. Once we missed a flight and one customer service rep mentioned we would have to wait until later that evening but another desk was able to get us on a flight right away out of another city but that worked for me because I was eager to get home with an infant and being by myself and tired.


Some of my favorite air lines have been Southwest and United Airlines. Southwest because there is usually open seating on the plane and I have never had a baggage fee with them.and United since usually the staff is very helpful with me there since I hate flying. Regardless;go ahead and sign up for the rewards or mileage program your airline offers. You may end up using them in the future.
P.S. I skip water (unless its bottled) or tea on flights since I heard some flights use the same water filters as the restroom on the flight.       Travel lighter with this company!
Save $25 on your first HotelTonight booking!
When to Buy Flights tool, Get the Lowest Fare at CheapAir.com!
This is just my experience and personal suggestions, tips and reviews.

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8.05.2021Thursday, August 05, 2021

Finding baby-sitters with reviews


Having a back-up baby-sitter option in case your child's school is closed on a holiday or your current sitter needs an off day can be helpful. 

I love having a list of child care options in case I have a meeting or appointment come up for work that I was not expecting. 

Having a date night or time to get out with your friends is great for self-care if you are a busy parent. You deserve to do have some adult time and unwind without worrying about refilling sippy cups for a couple of hours. 

Sometimes when parents do not live close to relatives or friends they know; it can make it a tad difficult on where to look for baby-sitting options. Check out the list below of options of services and companies that have listings of baby-sitters.

On the websites listed below; you can read reviews about the sitter, see their pay rate, message them, book them and pay all in one place. You can also apply as a baby-sitter on the websites listed below. If you are searching for housekeeping, pet sitting or senior care; I would try care.com.


I think this one is better more so for date nights or occasional baby-siting. 

Sitter City

Sitter City has more options than just baby-sitting. They have caretakers, nannies and more.

Rates on baby-sitters and nannies vary pending on your location, number of children and tasks needed fulfilled. Nannies generally do more tasks such as taking the children to activities, cooking, housekeeping and so on. 

When interviewing a potential baby-sitter; I suggest asking questions such as:

Will they be able to work the hours needed?

 Do they have reliable transportation and have they ever worked with children your age?

Are they comfortable with pets or chores?  Do they have any certifications or training such as CPR, first aid and safe sleeping? 

You could even suggest meeting in a public place after a telephone call interview....such as a coffee shop. To save time; have the potential sitter bring a list of references from previous jobs. 

8.04.2021Wednesday, August 04, 2021

It’s like an air bnb for swimming pools!

If you are looking for something to do when it is nice out; check out Swimply or Resort Pass. Both allow you to rent pool time basically. 
    Swimply let’s you host or rent beautiful private pools. Renting a private pool is a good idea for photographers wanting a new location to snap great images or families wanting to skip the crowd at public pools. 
    As a host for Swimply; you can earn extra money renting your pool to others. You apply; list your pool with photos and people can book the pool online for hours at a time. 
    Resort Pass allows you to rent cabanas or buy day passes to resorts and hotels without being a guest. I love this idea for a moms day out alone, Mother's Day "re-do's" or just a way to relax with your girl friends by the pool. This would make for a super fun bachelorette party, engagement party or birthday celebration!
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Wednesday, August 04, 2021

My favorite way to consign online

    I have being consigning on Swap.com for years and I absolutely love it. Normally I would use apps that I have to provide photos, listings, customer service and shipping for. Now that I use this company; they handle all that extra work for me. Another option I have tried was ThredUp however keep reading for more options...

    As for the companies listed above...I will go over a bit how it works. You just request or print a shipping label, send in what you want to consign and get paid when it sells. I have been receiving checks in the mail for what the company sells for me. I still love other re-selling apps, platforms and stores but I feel like I really get what my item is worth using this company. 

Just the fact they make the item look wrinkle-free and they list a professional-looking photo makes it worth while for me. Check the website for updated rules, policies, accepted items and more. Children outgrow clothing so fast so this site is so helpful for me in that aspect. The store near me that buy used children's item do not give you much at all for the items they do accept. They also seem pickier on what they choose to buy based on seasons alone. 

 When I am doing my seasonal closet clean-outs; I usually have some new and gently used items that would be great for re-selling. When you fill up your bag or box you ship to the company to sell; you want to only send in items that are in nice condition. So nothing with holes, stains, tears or rips. 

With the items they do not accept; you can opt for them to be donated or you can choose to pay a fee for the items to be shipped back. This is also a wonderful place to shop and score great deals. I have used the company for over five years and made payments from them over that time span selling items from my own closet; so it is a neat way to make extra money from home. 

    Other re-selling from options are depop for vintage looks or  Buffalo Exchange if you like the whole "send me a bag and I will pack it method." Of course there is mercari or poshmark (use referral code  workathomemom   ) but I think this process is so much easier with the ideas listed first. Heck; you can do like I have done in the past and do a little of them all from time to time. I do enjoy these companies a lot when I do my seasonal closet cleaning. My son and I accumulate so many clothing items we never even wear sometimes! 

I have not sold on Vinted but they are a similar company to try; I will in the future. Everyone I know that has done consignment has different opinions on the companies. I do it just for fun or to get rid of clutter I can accumulate from shopping. 

Another I have yet to try is Curtsy for selling but if you do try it; use my code WVNG 

Stillwhite allows brides to sell their wedding dresses online.

Happy Selling!