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Label your children's items for school + sports


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Nursing Mom Loungewear


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Office Chic Outfits


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Pre-Owned Luxury Accessories


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Where to find cute coats


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The Costco items perfect for the busy parent

These quick meal ideas are not what I would consider healthy or luxurious. However; sometimes I am in a huge rush or exhausted from the day. I may not want to cook a home made meal so find pantry or items in my refrigerator I can prepare in the microwave. 

Microwave or quick meals in general may be helpful for those who want fast lunch or break room snacks to have at work. Sometimes my son does not eat his entire dinner or lunch so I make little snacks in between family meals such as these I have listed below.

I was never a big breakfast eater although I genuinely love breakfast food. I would end up skipping it and indulging in coffee only instead. I am trying to be healthier and want to have at least eat healthy for breakfast since I tend to snack and love junk food throughout the day. I am not really obsessed with eating healthy so now I am working on changing my habits so I can feel better overall. 

These organic acai bowls are so helpful for me! Now I have a delicious breakfast option. I love things like omelets but am not always in the mood to cook. With these; you just thaw them out awhile then they're ready to eat. I just sent my child out the door with one for breakfast. So easy; plus they are vegan and gluten-free. 

I was so shocked at how tasty they are; seriously. These bowls are come with a package of granola which really is the icing on the cake. These 
individual bowls I am totally loving since it means less dishes for me to do too!

Sweet potatoes are so yummy to me although once I add my sugar and butter...I totally make them not so healthy. I also loooove a good sweet potato pie. Definitely one of my favorite snacks; plus I will eat the pies as breakfast if I purchase any. I have not stumbled upon any sweet potato pies at Costco just yet but I did find these for awesome sides.

This fried rice is perfect for lunches or side dishes. Each package inside the box is a pretty good size portion. I have to microwave these longer than the recommended cooking time on the box just fyi on this fried rice. It tastes so good when done.

For some reason grocery shopping was not a task I enjoyed at all in the past. Now that I have a membership for Costco I must say; I like shopping for food a lot more there. It seems like a variety of meals that are super easy to make are there which makes my life easier. 

Having pho on a chilly day or when I want something light is always nice. Sometimes I get a craving for good pho; so I had to try this product when I seen it at a Costco shopping trip weeks back. 

Both my mom and I liked it and have tried it a few times now. They come in individual bowls you can just cook in your microwave; complete with the sauces/spices needed. 

I use these burger buns for microwaveable pot roast or pulled pork from Costco. It is easy for me to microwave the pot roast or pulled pork and then just put them on the burger buns. So delicious! I find myself constantly using this buns for other Costco microwaveable find so it is totally worth it to buy each time I visit a Costco. 

I was the girl guilty of blowing too much money on multiple trips per week to coffee shops for a delicious caramel macchiato or caramel Frappuccino. The cost adds up!

One day while shopping at Costco they had a sample stand with this instant coffee that can be enjoyed hot or cold. A few days prior I was visiting a new city on a road trip with my son and was driving all over trying to find a coffee shop with a drive-thru for convenience. Our air bnb didn’t have coffee and I was craving some badly. These would have sure came in handy and be convenient to travel with as they are in individual packages. 

These packets would be great if you want to keep them at your office. At home I microwave a Rae Dunn coffee mug for two minutes; add two packets of these…then whipped cream at the end. 

Adding shredded cheese from Costco and sliced onions can helps make this chili even better. It is pretty decent without onion and is microwaveable. I recommend this chili for a quick go-to dinner. 

I have tried this canned chili three times when it was colder out and I was too exhausted to make a meal. I warmed this chili up and added cheese and a bread on the side. Easy lunch or dinner! My son said he liked it so that is another plus.

These bubble teas come in packs of 8 cups and two flavors that I tried. They are convenient on your way to work or an option other than coffee.  Bubble teas in my area are pretty pricey for just one at a tea shop so this seems to save money and makes things convenient. 
Eating at home more to save money is my goal now so I have been stocking up on easy meals to make at home when I am not really in a big cooking mood or exhausted.
Fish sticks are something I make for my son occasionally in the oven or microwave. I eat them myself sometimes; just add some tartar sauce. 

I love these burgers; I just add  mayonnaise and ketchup after they cook in the microwave. They are a great snack for me after working or when I do not feel like cooking.

I never forget to get chocolate milk from Costco; it is sooo good! I was getting other brands before at other grocery stores. Never again since finding the Promised Land brand. I think it so delicious. Thankfully; they come in a pack of two.

Shopping at Costco is a lot of fun for me since I can try some food items I would have probably never purchased otherwise. At the locations I have visited; check out seems to go fast and smoothly. 

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My Makeup Must-Haves

Makeup Must-Haves to add to your collection

...I love long walks down the makeup aisle.

To get the party started I use Wet n Wild photofocus Face Primer. It is affordable and is the base to my face lately. I have been using this primer for months and it seems to last a while. It is also vegan and cruelty-free.

For makeup application when using liquid foundation; I prefer using a super blender sponge.

I love a full coverage correction cream so I opt for Dermablend CC Cream that has an SPF of 50+. This is so light-weight feeling on me that I love it for errands and work. I use the shade 75N tan to deep. This continuous correction cream is cruelty-free and easy to throw in my makeup bag.

Another foundation that never disappoints me is KVD Beauty Lock-It Foundation. This foundation is 100% vegan and cruelty-free. Double win!

PRO.conceal from L.A. Girl is usually under five bucks; so I always keep it in my makeup collection now. You cannot beat that price and it seems to work fine for what I need it for. I like applying it under my eyes after I apply foundation and blending it in well.

A pricier option for concealer is Shape Tape by tarte since it is waterproof, vegan and super easy to toss in your makeup bag. I have been using this product on a regular basis and I think it works well.

For a powder to apply over my foundation I find Fit Me Loose Finishing Powder by Maybelline. The price point is awesome. This can help reduce some shine; especially if you use liquid foundation.

My must-have mascara is by Too Faced and it is called Better Than Sex Waterproof mascara. I love that you can also get a travel size for your makeup bag.

All set? Try this makeup setting spray the next time you go on a beauty haul. It is by Milani and called Make it Last Matte Charcoal Setting Spray. It is made in the USA and cruelty-free.

My favorite way to store all my go-to beauty products I use the most is by using a Caboodle. I have tried a few makeup containers and I feel this one holds up the best during travel and home use. 

This liquid lipstick actually stays on. 

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Indoor activities for children

Let's face it. So many of us are sick of staying indoors. A lot of businesses are operating normally in my area. Plenty of people also are vaccinated or wearing masks. Social distancing is encouraged I notice when I visit stores and restaurants. During the winter months I just prefer to stay in a lot more. Not just because it is cold; I homeschool, there are less outdoor play dates and I stay busier with work from home. I guess I am hustling more since holidays are approaching and I have quite a bit of family and friends birthdays during the winter. With all of that going on; I enjoy being at home as much as I can when Fall ends. I like my alone time then I suppose...I appreciate it more so. 

When you are a mom...you do not get off days. I am lucky enough to have some help with family but we have learned to enjoy being happy at home a lot now. My son actually asks to stay home when I try to encourage him to go places or get out sometimes. He has plenty of toys, coloring books, board games and movies to watch. 

He loves gaming so I find a lot of outside activities so he is not always on the ipad. He does sports, play with friends and we go to parks a lot. When we are at home; he honestly loves climbing. I seen so many moms talking about cool toys where kiddos can make forts, lounge on and play with. Children can get so creative with some things! I love how their minds work; it is adorable. 

Staying indoors saves money and a lot of us have made the best of it with the pandemic going on. Here is a list of indoor activities to help keep your little ones occupied indoors. KidPass has many virtual activities and classes.

My son is actually very much so a homebody. I can be too during winter months in fact. There are always indoor pools to visit or board games to do at home. I enjoy fine dining during my free time but sometimes I just do not want to leave home. 

Cooking is also a nice idea to bond with your family from the comfort of your own home. Plus; your children can learn some life and math skills while you do it. Check out this super cool kitchen item for parents and children to use.

Hands-on educational activities for all ages, delivered to you every month!

Arts + Crafts

ReallyColor.com - Turn Your Photos Into Coloring Pages 

D.I.Y. Pottery Painting 

Buy Your Crafting Supplies Now at The Dollar Tree!


Lounge + Play Room




Outdoor play *if weather permits

If weather is nice; perhaps visit a public park, library or go on a hike to save money. At home you can use chalk, bubbles, go on a walk or watch cool movies.

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