10.07.2020Wednesday, October 07, 2020

Yoga gear + wear

Do you happen to be a lover of all things yoga or possibly interested in trying yoga soon? Personally for me yoga has helped me tremendously with overall health. 

I started doing yoga years ago in my spare time. I did not do it often but I would take a class here and there. Now that I understand much more how important health and wellness is; I enjoy practicing it more. I love stretching so it is as close to stretching for a workout as I can think of.

Besides; you can wear yoga clothes to run errands, go to the gym or to lounge around at home. I am not much of a gym-goer these days but I do enjoy a good walk on the treadmill or faster-paced yoga classes.

I will admit; I have those days where I am completely unmotivated to get a work out done or even do a guided yoga video online. My trick to feeling more excited is finding super cute fashion to work out in.

I know it may seem a tad silly; but it works for me. For example when I just wear my yoga gear around the house while cleaning; I feel better. Especially when they make your backside look great!

After all the yoga pants and leggings I have tried; my favorite brand by far is Lululemon leggings. You can even purchase them full-length and high-waisted. 
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