2.26.2020Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Review: Science Museum Oklahoma

 I love visiting the Science Museum in Oklahoma City. It is next door to the Oklahoma City Zoo;there is usually plenty of parking.
 I think the pricing is expensive but worth it. If you are local;save money by getting a season pass. As of now; up to six people can be on a season pass.https://drive.google.com/uc?export=view&id=1E9bf2VLkjsGgrccwd1JWlNn93QkxCmCQhttps://drive.google.com/uc?export=view&id=1s-EV51E6BgF75-pSkksJFVHHG6ntkg9U
   Of course things may change from the time I write this review; so check out their website or call their customer service line for questions and updates.This museum offers birthday parties,shows and has a cafeteria inside.
   I was able to order coffee and walk around with it! The food was always decent when I tried it;I love their breakfast burrito.

2.19.2020Wednesday, February 19, 2020

What all I got for under $30 at Aldi

I went shopping at Aldi today. I wanted to see what I could get for under $30. 
I brought a tote bag and my quarter for the shopping cart. 
I forgot bread and wine I needed...but that’s a good thing because I would have went over my $30 budget challenge for this grocery challenge. 
I do not usually shop at Aldi so figured I’d see what all I could get for under $30. I loved the 0.99 cents blueberries! 
I picked up things my little one would enjoy such as bananas,orange juice,tomatoes,chocolate milk and raisins. Those all I could use for salads my son loves! 
With the potato’s and eggs I am using tonight for a crockpot meatloaf meal. I actually came to the store for just those two items to compete my meal I am making tonight since I already had ground beef at home. 
I usually dread grocery shopping but the store I visited was small and I got to checkout fast. 
I did it! I completed my $30 challenge;in fact I spent less! 

2.13.2020Thursday, February 13, 2020

A winter visit to the Myriad botanical gardens

We arrived and parked at 1:11 p.m.; do not forget money for the parking meters just in case.

I was afraid of not being able to find close parking since it was cold the day we visited. 
It was great because we were able to find plenty of parking spaces close to the Myriad Botanical Gardens. 
I wanted to get my little one out the house but since it’s February when I am writing this post and visited this downtown Oklahoma City attraction; I totally recommend visiting Spring and Summer months. That way you can see how beautiful this place is when the flowers are really blooming! 
If you are local;there are story times and free classes such as adult yoga currently. Check their website to find out when their updated admission,hours and classes are listed before your visit. 
Can you spot the cutie in the pic? 
Facing the Devon Tower
Fun photos ops! 
Often times I see fun events being held at the Myriad Botancial Gardens so I made sure to follow them on social media as well. 
I have seen people take professional photographs here such as for engagements or senior photos. Their website can explain costs for things such as that or be sure to call beforehand as things may change since I visited. 

Walking inside on the crystal bridge (pictured below) will probably be your children’s favorite part of visiting. I’ll admit;we are done in under 30 minutes inside the crystal bridge. Outside is great for a nice walk;but sometimes I want to skip playgrounds or museums and do things like this to get out the house. 
Visiting in the summer is so nice to see the gardens or let your children play at the splash pad or carousel. There’s always ducks and fish to see outside too. 
This is outside of the crystal bridge. There’s an outdoor ice skating rink,dog park and restaurants right next to the Myriad Botanical Gardens. You can walk right over! 

2.02.2020Sunday, February 02, 2020

Traveling with a baby? These companies make it a little easier

These companies make travel with a baby  a tad easier.

First; check out my detailed blog post HERE about flying with a baby or toddler if you’re taking a flight. 

Traveling with a baby? Needing baby gear? I want to share Baby Quip with all my fellow parents. 

Think of it as an Uber for baby equipment. Seriously. You’re welcome. 

Needing to pack light? 
This makes traveling with a baby a little easier for many families. 

Avoid airport confusion.