6.18.2021Friday, June 18, 2021

Does your business need a social media manager?

Having a professional social media presence is a big deal these days. You perhaps get reviews on social media or generate leads that way. 
I know when I am searching for a new business such as a salon or restaurant to try; I check the business out on social media if I have time. My girl friends and I will browse reviews or see if the business is open based on their advertised hours sometimes. 
Often times I have asked business owners questions pertaining to their deals and offers on social media. Therefore; having a dedicated social media manager can be helpful. You can obtain news clients and stand out more so in competitive industries if your social media presence is up to par. 
Are you feeling overwhelmed when it comes to running a business and managing your businesses social media presence? Consider reaching out to Glow Social Studio for personalized social media management packages. 
    Finding the time to post creative content on your social media page can be a thing of the past for you now. You can just hire a savvy social media manager to do tasks such as create engagement, generate potential leads and post content for your business. 
Glow Social Studio specializes in social media management so are super helpful when it comes to restaurants, salons, boutiques, fitness centers, child care facilities and medical offices. Real estate professionals absolutely love the help with event marketing and home staging during busy open houses and for listings they need to market. 
Every business is unique; therefore Glow bases pricing off various factors such as platforms you need assistance with, whether you need content or blog writing and so on. 
With over a decade of experience; Glow is incredible for small businesses since they can work with your marketing budget. Services can be al la carte style if needed. 
There are often other services Glow can offer if they are not booked such as corporate event planning and virtual assistants for long and short term basis. 

Friday, June 18, 2021

Online courses to enhance your skills and resume

One of my favorite ways to challenge myself is by obtaining a new skill or trade. 
Taking online courses was beneficial for my self-esteem since I was learning new things that I would most likely remember for all of my years. If anything; I had brand-new things to add to my resume forever. 
I made extra income already at the time in sales and event planning so did not necessarily need an extra hobby or job. I did need to do something for myself however if that makes sense.
 I will admit; I did not take it seriously at all. I was stressed at the time at far bigger things I felt. The company was so helpful and never bugged me about turning in quizzes or projects. I was able to learn and train at my very own pace. That was a huge relief. 
Part of my anxiety of not going to school…even online courses; was deadlines or failing. With these courses; it is more like an online trade school. I did it for fun, to learn new skills…and to start a business doing what I truly enjoyed. 
My jobs in sales I had over the years were great learning experiences for me. However; deep down I wanted to grow as a person and challenge myself far more. Without a doubt; I defiantly needed to go back to school just to help keep my mind busy and off stressful things more. 
There is absolutely nothing wrong with normal colleges and universities. That is just not for everyone. Or perhaps not the right timing.  Some people just want something to do alongside being a stay at home mom. Many are just curious about learning a new business skill. 

6.17.2021Thursday, June 17, 2021

Cabanas and Spas…yes, please!

You do not have to be a guest at many resorts and hotels to rent a day pass for some adventure and leisure. I also thought this is a great idea for a day with my girl friends. We all could use relaxation every now and again. It’s been so hot in the south where I reside so a pool, spa and cabana sounds phenomenal right now. 
If you would prefer to beat overly crowded public pools or prefer resorts to enjoy cocktails; this may need to go on your Summer bucket list. Give this company a look; learn about booking day passes.

6.13.2021Sunday, June 13, 2021

Get 8 free meals

Do you love to cook? Or maybe you’re like me and totally can get frustrated thinking of different dinner ideas.  Then this special offer is for you.
 I love eating much more than cooking; but this company was helpful when I lived in an area with limited dining out or even fast food options. 
These meals are so much healthier for my family and making the meals together was always so much for to do with my boyfriend. Cooking is also such a fun way to bond with your children; plus they gain new skills. 

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