1.30.2020Thursday, January 30, 2020

Why Younique was not for me

I was a founding member of Youniue even when they sold leg warmers as well. That’s a whole other story.  

I have nothing against Youniue. I bought the products; thousands of dollars worth. When people spend their hard-earned money and believe in the company's mission statement...they should have their opinion too. This is just my story and I really was dedicated to Younique. 

I do not agree with bullying or bashing. But I am learning to speak my truth more. I do not care what people think. If they do not agree or like it; it’s still my real life journey and story. 

At first I seemed to get sales almost daily. It grew fast to where many people I know seem to have tried to sell Younique products already or know about it now. My sponsor never spoke to me but I was a total go-getter and has extensive experience in direct sales and network marketing so I built my own team as well with out her help. I always just use to tools and training the company provided. 
I was a military wife at the time so wanted to meet new friends and make money of my own. I was so intrigued if these women claiming these 3D mascara products were so easy to sell. It was the latest craze it seemed. 

I actually seemed to like the best-selling 3D mascara product and my best friend said she did as well when she purchased  from me. I did not have any problems such as eye irritation or infections like other “presenters” (as they call their sales representatives) I have watched  videos on complain of sometimes. Yes; there are tons of videos on YouTube titled “Why I left Younique’ or just explaining their experiences with the company as well. Good and not so great reviews are available but I always ignored the bad ones and still took a risk investing money in the company.

Kits, catalogs, when samples were available...there was always something to buy. Samples were not available a lot of the times; they were sold out. You could purchase swag like tshirts which I am sure makes the company a lot of money. Business cards, vendor events...it became costly. 

Allegedly Women have been sued, bullied, stalked, harassed, secret agents basically showing up at their homes when they leave speak up about the company. I have no idea what is real or fake. I just do lots of research and usually try things on my own before forming an opinion. 

The quotas basically that you need to reach else your presenter account is basically disabled and you lose your team you built.  So say you work hard and then one month don’t order a certain amount in sales. I believe in was $150 every three months at the time for me. Don’t quote me on that one. The first time I joined was years ago. 

Yes; the first time. I did not learn my lesson. I joined several times. So the first time I ended up going inactive because I had a health issues...but I just was not getting as many sales. I was marketing my business constantly. I was always on the phone...to the point my husband would complain. I could not force anyone to buy; I did my best to promote my business honestly.  I lost my down line team I worked hard to get. 

I actually remember being alone in a crappy car using my last $5 and something cents commission from one final mascara sale to make a purchase for a cheap meal at a sonic one day. I had literally five bucks to my name at times yet was so brainwashed one day I’ll be making big bucks with the company.

I always had a no excuses attitude so even though my life was not in the best place; I was determined to re-join again and make this "business" work for me. I know it is important to invest in your business to make money. I just thought this was our own business where we make our own rules and work when we want; as little as we want. I was always on my phone nonstop. There was always a list of contract or rules...so it was not my real own business. I was working just for a big company in Utah. 

Catalogs and samples would always be out of stock or pricy after aware. Once my sons father seen I spent over $1,500 in one week on their products. You have to be a product of the product; right? I even bought my mom the products so hopefully she would fall in love with them. I was obsessed with investing in myself. I wanted this to work. 

I was doing all the training. I was telling everyone I knew online and offline. I am experienced  with social media marketing people say so I always told everyone how great this company was even though I had no money to buy any demo or the products for myself majority of the time. It was hard just to get the kit money to join as a young twenty-three year old. 

My marriage was in shambles. I had no home and money after finding my ex was cheating and I had way more problems to deal with besides Youniue. Seriously. I could promote these companies and do well and spread the word about them. But say I am so sick or cannot work to meet a sales quota..:say I have no money...DEACTIVATED. 

I thought it was all my fault and couldn’t wait to restart my business. I was so determined. Once I got my life back together and started working again and moved into my mother’s home I just couldn’t wait to rejoin. I find a local team with a company I heard was so amazing. My last sponsor was not local to me;we never even spoke on the phone. 

I had just seen her posting in a military wife group and was interested. I joined at least four times; each with new sponsors.One did speak to me but as soon as I joined; she was distant unless I was spending big bucks that month. No genuine friendships were made. I do not think I experienced bullying however from the company...that I can remember. Just a lot of cut-throat competitiveness at times. And that is not for me.

I did not leave Younique because of any product or person. I make choices on my own experiences and knowledge. I still have their makeup leftover and I never had issues with the liquid foundation. Some things did not work for me; but I figured with any brand...you will not like everything.

I did not want to solely promote or wear just Younique...or just any makeup brand. I do think the products were too expensive for what I want to pay for makeup and skincare...if it is not 100% vegan, natural, etc.

I could go on and on about things; but that would be a book. 

This is my personal story. In no way is this blog post trying to discourage anyone from buying or selling Younique products, skincare and cosmetics. Everyone has free will. This is just my own opinion and review.