5.31.2021Monday, May 31, 2021

Have a swimming pool?

 If you have a swimming pool at your home; I am going to let you in on a cool app/website I discovered. You can actually earn extra income by renting out your swimming pool. 

That is pretty neat for parents wanting birthday pool parties for their children; I thought immediately! Whether you choose to rent a pool or make money renting your own pool...this is pretty neat! Perfect for this upcoming Summer season.

If you are a photographer; this is a great option for photo sessions if you are going for a pool or swim wear look. I will totally be using this website and app for dinner and brunch parties with my girl friends since so many of do not have a pool...nor want to expenses and maintenance of one.

Learn more or sign up here

5.29.2021Saturday, May 29, 2021

Book Review: Can I Say by Travis Barker with Gavin Edwards

Listen here    I wish I would have read this boom earlier! It is great! I finished it in no time because it was quite “juicy” as I’ll say...


     The other day; a youtube video was suggested to me. It was ‘Meet The Barkers’ epsiodes. I never seen the show; I really missed out. I stayed up past four a.m. the other night watching the entire two seasons in a binge. 


     I can now say I am a huge Travis fan. He even mentions the whole Kim rumor in the book. I wonder if his book sales are boosting since dating Kourtney. She really got a good one I think with this guy. I seen how he treat Shanna and it was cute on the show. 

    Of course they're dunzo for over a decade now. By the way; their children...Atiana also...are gorgeous. Alabama is so freaking stunning! I  seen her on youtube today actually. As far as Travis; I love his passion and worth ethic. I would have never known him  to be so romantic! 

...Now let's get to the book review!

     The cover photo is probably one of the best I have seen on a celebrity book. The art is incredible on his body too from the cover pic. Those eyes of his...OMG. Okay; I will get off how hot he is. I purchased the audiobook version of the book. 

     This book is written in an interesting way because he has excerpts from people in his life and past giving their opinion in the book. I found that unique. Even Shanna makes an appearance... 


There was so many interesting things in this book. The place crash and recovery from addiction he deals with is quite miraculous! 

I love a book that is all about overcoming obstacles and changing life for the better. I enjoy anything inspirations and motivating. This book is all of the above. 

This book describes some raw and real moments so I can appreciate the brutal honesty. Especially when he describes some celebrity flings and parties. After all; he is a rockstar and all. 

Listen to the book 

5.26.2021Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Try 5 frames at home for free

Glasses, sunglasses...take this quiz to find frames.

I was in dire need of new eye glasses. The ones I have now are a little...out of style. I’ll admit; I love them so much I hadn’t replaced them this year. Or last. Don’t ask. 
I think the very first time I heard of Warby Parker was several years back on an episode of Shark Tank. I was impressed with the companies’ charity work after learning more about them later on. 
When I ordered my home kit; it was so fun and easy! I got to even select the frames I felt would be best to try on.  My package arrived fast and I was not charged a dime. 
This company offers trendy and affordable eye glasses and sunglasses. I am a busy mom so this was a convenient service. 

5.09.2021Sunday, May 09, 2021

Book Review: Give Them LaLa


    This book made me laugh, think hard, cry...and it's my new favorite celeb book. Seriously; I have tried so many since Brandi Glanville's. Hate her or love her; I thought her first book was entertaining. I also recommend it to any of my girlfriends going through break ups or divorce. 

     Okay; back to LaLa's book. I won't lie; I expected it to be good. It is LaLa.She always brings the mouthy version of herself on the show. Now she is a mom!  Maybe it is me and I just get bored easily. Needless to say; I love a good celebrity book. I am really into pop culture I guess.

     Besides LaLa being my favorite Vanderpump Rules cast member, I am allowed to have a guilty pleasure...or a few. This book did not disappoint. I love how she flat out says naughty words everyone may be thinking. I love how she shocks us with her words; I can totally relate. 

    To be honest; I was really checking my amazon wish list to see when this book would finally come out. I knew it would be in May so I was super excited to get it. Totally worth the purchase. I give it five stars! 

      LaLa does discuss all things with pretty hardcore topics so of course this is a book I only recommend for adults. It gets interesting...

   I would say this is not for the faint of heart; but I was not bored. I am pretty brutally honest...and say what I think so the book did not offend me. If you watch Vanderpump Rules; you can handle its awesomeness. 

   There were times I would be listening to the audiobook version of this book; and  cover my mouth gasping at stuff she says in this book. The shock value of the words she uses...sounds like someone I know. 

   I really cannot remember a book that gave me all these feels and emotions. I purchase books often and hardly find any that keep my interest. I want entertainment and education...even if its from others stories when I am reading. I felt this book delivered both. 

Check out the audiobook version and more here