9.30.2021Thursday, September 30, 2021

Why I finally left the multi-level marketing industry


    I left the multi-level marketing industry over a year ago and it was a huge step for me as I was in direct sales for over fourteen years. I was ashamed for quite some time that I had lost so much money and even relationships being apart of the industry some call predatory. My story is not nearly as pitiful and horrific as others; and for that I am grateful.

   This is my personal story and opinion. Not everyone has or will have the same experience as I did. I would say the pros were I would do tasks such as public speaking, marketing and advertising better. I enjoyed sales and all things entrepreneurship; so that is what helped keep me addicted to these companies many would consider pyramid schemes.  

   Meeting end of the month goals or purchasing items before they were out of stock gave me some excitement and rush obviously.  I worked extra jobs doing promotional modeling and babysitting to support my "business" basically without realizing it. Anything I earned from side gigs would go back to the multi-level marketing companies. 

   Majority of the companies did not pay me much of a percentage. Two I were with only started out at fifty-percent profit. It was not seeming like our own business if consultants or distributors could be let go anytime and had no say over policies. Some would even suggest certain attire be worn or constantly represented themselves as a faith based organization.

   Faith is great but I later realized it is not okay to push your beliefs on others, guilt them into thinking God brought the business in your life to join for prosperity and happiness or whatever else they would say. Yes; many companies have people go open credit cards and tell them to just take a risk and God put this opportunity in their lives for a reason. I never fell for the religious stuff since my religion and lifestyle does not want you owing any man, getting into debt and all that. 

   Conventions, vendor show costs, shipping, gas, national trainings, annual fees and personal sales to stay active was expensive. I was constantly promoting my business both online and offline. I would give cards, samples, ship information, recruit new team members to join the business and tell everyone I came in contact about what I was selling. 

   Lots of consultants from companies spam and cold-message people. I preferred meeting people at in-home parties or exhibitor shows. The items I sold that were cash and carry tended to do better at events and parties but you have to still consider gas, wear and tear on your vehicle, hauling totes, finding a babysitter and the fee for a booth. Consultants often were pretty saturated in areas I have lived so they would really compete for the trade show spaces. 

   When one company did not work out or went out of business; I would get recruited for another or search one that seemed a better fit. Several that I paid to join, spent money on merchandise to advertise and built a team with; would go bankrupt or close their doors without warning the consultants. Some would be bought out by even bigger MLM’s; which stands for multi-level marketing.

  Eventually I just went inactive with my last company so did not do a post on social media or announcement to my former customers or team members. The embarrassment and shame took months to recover from. I was left with inventory, demo items, catalogs, bags, t-shirts, order forms, business cards and old training groups to remind me of how I wasted over a decade of my life. And so much money. 

    I bet companies make a ton selling merchandise, training tickets and yearly fees. They of course have high prices often to pay their reps, themselves and for the product packaging and such. Now it feels amazing to not just feel obligated to purchase from brands I sell only; which I used to do. If anything could be purchased from a mlm company; I would buy from there instead. 

    Distributors from other companies and I would swap sales to help reach sales goals or to “help each other out.” Some companies prohibited it actually when they found out consultants would do that. For example I could purchase fifty dollars worth of jewelry from someone and they’d buy the same amount of products from me. It was called an order swap and I was in large groups just for that. 

    These multi-level marketing companies make a huge amount of from their actual employees and consultants purchases. My profits just did not add up to how much it cost to remain an active consultant. I was an easy target for those wanting to grow their teams; otherwise known as downlines in mlm business models. I was a military wife at one time and a stay at home mom. 

    Trainings from companies seemed all similar. Even the websites were very similar. I was not making much money at all; I kept trying really hard. I would eventually feel awful when team members would trust me to join a business they’ll get their investment back on; then not make a dime. I would give home parties and events to team members to help them. I would do my own team calls to help keep them educated on the latest company updates and selling tips.

   For so long I believed in myself and listened to what those who recruited me into these companies would tell me. If I just did not give up; I would be eventually reaping the rewards. Basically; those who quit and give up just should have stayed with the business. Truly; most people fail with the business models and probably very little of who joins earns back their starter kit money. Starter kits are usually catalogs, demos, a replicated website and things such as items you would use at parties. Some companies only send paperwork or have expensive joining costs then monthly quotas.

   My life is very different now.  I have money in my savings that I am not blowing on makeup I can get of better quality with easy exchanges at my local beauty stores.  I am not the annoying sales person people have to avoid at family gatherings anymore.  Now I cringe at my old social media posts promoting the cosmetics, health products or fashion I would once sell.  With all the money I wasted; I could have done my own real business.  
    There are other options for starting a home based business other than joining a mlm.  Housekeeping, childcare, insurance sales, real estate, freelance writing, podcasting, customer service and more. I am grateful I got out of mlm when I did.  

9.29.2021Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Fall; y’all.

 I am excited for the month of October. Not only do I enjoy fall and holidays…Halloween is in October as well! Having a child makes it so much more fun for me personally. I have another excuse to decorate and dress up! 

    Halloween gives me an opportunity to help create even more special memories by adding to the fun with decor and costumes. I went through a phase of feeling burnt out and a bit overwhelmed the last few months from working so much and the pandemic so I always look for additional reasons to celebrate this journey called life. 

    Last year I used a company I want to share to fellow Halloween lovers to purchase a costume that is hopefully more unique than they may discover in their local go-to stores. 

   I love fashion so generally prefer more exclusive looks or costumes for Halloween. Some adorable outfits, decor and costumes on this site are affordable for my frugal budget. Especially the sale items! 

   So many costumes I have found in my local specialty costume stores or department stores are very pricey. Many are not of decent quality unfortunately. Perhaps since they are probably often only worn once. 

    I am an affiliate for this brand.

9.13.2021Monday, September 13, 2021

Review: LulaRich

watched the four episode docuseries; LulaRich on Amazon prime this past weekend. I enjoyed it so much; I watched it several times. 

   Obviously I was  intrigued. I was fairly familiar with the company before this docuseries was released this month. In fact; I also used to want to join the company not too many years ago. I was very into direct sales and multi-level marketing companies then. 

    I was a customer buying the twenty five dollar leggings online and at local vendor events I would participate in. I would see the LuLaRoe booth making nonstop sales while the other vendors looked bored or had no one interested in their health shakes and makeup. 

   Each LuLaRoe retailer would have a different inventory so anytime I seen it being sold; I wanted to purchase new leggings, dressed and more. Now I see the clothing a lot cheaper at thrift shops. I liked purchases leggings that had cute prints such as lipstick on them. 
    I still have some of the items I like such as a blouse  and leggings I sleep in. Maybe I got lucky with limited issues from the company but there was a time I had a bad experience buying from a random LuLaRoe retailer online once. Otherwise; my experience was okay. It just was a expensive addiction of mine. Luckily; I am over that phase in my life. 

    LulaRich has shocking stories from former home
Office employees, retailers and even a family member. There is drama, sad stories, lawsuits and bankruptcies to hear about in this interesting docuseries. I seen Amazon prime ratings were high where I checked the ratings. 

      This is highly recommended by me and now I am very grateful that I did not join the company. I used to want to really bad after hearing about how much fast cash some moms like me were making.