11.25.2020Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Tips on planning a children's party

     Whether you are partying at home, virtually or with just a small group...I wanted to share some helpful vendors to consider when planning your next children's party. 

Are you considering a pool party? Find pool rentals HERE.

Happy party-planning!

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Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Review: Kristin Ess The One Signature Shampoo + Conditioner


 I purchased this Kristin Ess shampoo and conditioner set from Target. As I walked past the product display at a Target store; I noticed the gorgeous packaging first of all the Kristin Ess hair care products displayed in the beauty section. Another lady was looking at the products as well so I decided to come back so I could really look good without being in anyone's way. 

   As I walked further down the aisle to go ahead and shop for other items; I seen a second display for the Krisin Ess hair care line. This was my sign. I had to go back and get the products I wanted; but back to the larger display I saw first to be certain I seen all the line had to offer.

   Sure enough; the one lady looking the first time I seen the display had not moved. Therefore I made my way to the large bottles of shampoo and conditioner; grabbing both since there was a sale on them and I was actually in the market for a new shampoo. So you have to go ahead and grab the matching conditioner; right? I did just that. 

   The other lady and I began talking and we had both never heard of Kristin Ess. As soon as I got home; I did some searching online and learned Kristin Ess does Lauren Conrad's hair. Lauren Conrad mentioned in an article the Kristin Ess products were good. 

   I admit; washing and drying my hair was not my favorite beauty and self-care task. That changed as soon as I purchased these products and I am not sure why. I was eager to use the products and they came in large bottles; 33.8 fluid ounces to be exact.

   This was a plus to me because right before I found the Kristin Ess display; I had originally found a small bottle of another brand of shampoo; about half the size and sale price. I put it back to get this instead. 
    Let me just say; I am certain I made the correct choice. The bottle had a easy-to-use pump that did not leave a mess and these products even look nice in your shower. 

    I loved the light fragrance of these products and there were a few options as far as The One set which I purchased, a gentle set and even a set for blonde hair I noticed. I cannot wait to try the glosser and gift friends the travel sizes. They are super cute! 
    These products would be great for beauty lovers; as gifts!
This blog post contains affiliate links