12.13.2020Sunday, December 13, 2020

e.l.f. skincare review


 I tried a few e.l.f. skincare products; I am here to report back with my review. I visited my local Ulta store but had zero intentions on purchasing anything from the e.l.f. brand. 

    Nothing against them; I just thought I was going to find more bang from my buck and had already heard of the brand. I searched the shelves but kept noticing the e.l.f. products standing out due to size, price point and packaging.

    I remember hearing about e.l.f. products for the first time years back when I was a little girl watching the Tyra Banks talk show. Now they have so much more than $1 makeup brushes and eye shadows. 

     I went ahead and purchased a toner and moisturizer for starters. I was needing a toner since I had previously ran out of the one I had been using for years. The one I had been using is only available through consultants; and I was wanting a product cheaper as well. 

    Cheaper does not always mean better so to be honest; I was expecting to dislike the product so I would be "forced" to report back to Ulta and try another item. To my surprise; I loved the products more than I thought I would! 

    The toner has such a light yet refreshing and clean fragrance. The gel moisturizer is so worth the price; a little goes such a long way. My face did not feel dry at all after applying it; so it was not too lightweight.


   I have had the problem in the past with purchasing light-weight moisturizers...yet my face still feels quite dry moments or hours later. I never tried a gel moisturizer; so this was super neat to try. I really love both products. 

The gel under eye mask pads were great. I have tried several brands in the past and were not pleased with them. They either did not stay into place or I did not notice any difference. 

With these gel pads; I noticed the gel pads stayed in place for me and I immediately felt the tightening of my skin under my eyes once I removed the gel pads. I have already used one package so will be buying these for now on.

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