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10 new mom and baby must-haves

The Spoiled Mama

There were quite a few products I used a ton as a new mommy; far more than other items I noticed.
Here is my list of  10 new mom and baby must-haves I suggest.

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1. Burp Cloths (or get those receiving or thin blankets and double them as burp cloths; too!)

2. An infant Car Seat (or two if you have two vehicles and can afford two for convenience purposes)

I also got my installed by a car seat certified friend. Your local hospital or health department should be able to direct you to organizations or people who know how to install the car seats safely. Once my was installed correctly; I did not want to risk taking it in and out the car. So two car seats came in handy. 

3. A jogging stroller but also check out this site for pre-owned strollers and bassinets. I also loved my bassinet! 
 I tried a few great stroller brands such as Jeep but ended up like a jogging stroller for overall use and after trial and error over the years. I suggest getting a stroller that is just made for jogging too; I did not think I'd ever try jogging but it's better for me I think with going on trails, festivals and so on. A good stroller can last you even when your child is four for example. The airports, state fairs...it comes it handy for more than you'd think. At the mall; it was a hassle using strollers with tiny compartments at the bottom so get one that allows you to store perhaps a diaper bags and shopping bags. I also love strollers where I can have cup holders to hold a sippy cup and another beverage when we visit places like zoos. Having a spot to hold your phone and keys is great too.

6. Diapers or if you want to opt for cloth-diapers.

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8. Gowns - I do not see the hype with onesies. After so many diaper changes; gowns were my best friend at the time. 

10. Glider chair was my best friend during pregnancy especially or rocking my son to sleep as an infant. I also seen these online; which are portable rockers.

Congrats on your bundle of joy! 

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7.24.2020Friday, July 24, 2020

Making breastfeeding a bit easier...

Even before I was a mom;I felt I was pretty educated on the subject of breast feeding. I even took classes when I was pregnant that my local hospital offered at the time. I connected with other moms in online groups to get their opinions on it all;too.
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I read a lot of information on line or in books and magazines when I was younger.I knew animals breast fed when I was just a child so always felt it was natural and interesting. I knew breast feeding saved money usually compared to formula. It was obviously a "bonding experience" at times.
Once I became a mom;it was painful and very hard for me. For years after I stopped breastfeeding I felt "mom guilt" for not breastfeeding longer. I wish I did a lot differently but I try not to be so hard on myself because I know I tried hard as long as I could.

I also feel so terrible for moms way back a long time ago who did not have luxuries like breast pumps that helped me so much. Or classes and the internet for so much education. 

Plus;sometimes the baby has issues latching or it takes practice. It can be frustrating thinking you are doing something wrong and cannot feed your baby. I had that issue when my baby was born. I was not producing enough milk for how much he wanted to eat.

I asked my doctor could my baby over eat because he was eating much more than all my classes I paid for told me he would. They said a newborn's belly is only the size of objects that were nuts from trees. I was informed he could not "overeat" on breast milk and let him eat as much as he wanted.

He loved bottles and would eat so much while I was nursing him! I wish I drank a lot more water and exercised more then. Breastfeeding felt like a full-time job to me and I was lonely. I wish I just focused on patience and enjoying the moments more.

A lot of people buy breast pump's without checking with their doctor first. Many people can get a free breast pump if they just ask their doctor for a prescription. I read this information online and I did qualify for this at one time. It was a very simple process.

Using a breast pump made breast feeding not nearly as painful for me. I enjoy the experienced a lot better with a breast pump. Once I switched to formula; it was so expensive so the mom guilt kicked back again...like "why did I not just make myself breast feed longer."
I'd say just do your best. Do not be so dang hard on yourself. Babies need happy mothers most of all. Yes; it sucks if you cannot breast feed perhaps. For some women it is hard for them or devastates them they cannot or do not breast feed. I feel the same way at times or I did at least...

As long as a baby is fed and safe is what matters. As long as the mother is safe, healthy and happy so she can take care of the child. Do not be so hard on yourself moms; breast feeding is not what I thought where it is so peaceful and easy. I found this site for organic formula.

The perks are phenomenal but do not judge moms if they do not breastfeed...they may have tried and stopped for mental health. Talk to other moms about their experiences but know that just because someone had a bad experience...your experience may be totally opposite.

The most I could do was educate myself as much ad possible about the history and scientific information about breast feeding. I learned a lot from going to classes and your local health department may have free or inexpensive organizations or classes to help you.

There is also a WIC program you may qualify for that helps with cheese,milk and things of that nature. Check that information out if your area. It did not work for me but I think it is great for women who need the help wit h milk and groceries.

If you plan on nursing; invest in some nursing bras perhaps. My mom found so many for me at thrift stores; including maternity clothing. With tags still attached since they were new and unused even. SCORE! 

My absolute favorite bottles were Tommee Tippee. They did not have all the pieces which made it so much easier for cleaning and preparing bottles.
Which I did so much of; I felt like a bartender. :) Instead of making cocktails; I am making milk bottles. 

I purchased storage pouches for breast milk which were great! Another purchase I wish I invested in sooner was a hands-free pumping bra. Cheesy but worth it for me since I was pumping so much it seemed.

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7.19.2020Sunday, July 19, 2020

Where I find my favorite lounge wear for working at home

   Since many more people are working from home these days; I wanted to share a list of some of my favorite online stores for lounge wear. 

  It seems as if I live in lounge wear such as graphic tees, comfortable shorts and over-sized sweaters when at home. Since I work at home often blogging; this list was a lot of fun compiling. Some links contain affiliate links.


   I love cute lounge wear such as comfortable leggings and tanks. When it comes to a fuzzy robe and socks; I cannot live without them in the winter months. 
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